Frank Speck
Urban Landscapes


Silver Lusse
Cool Mint
Jet Car
Royal Skooter
Hard Stuff
1953 Lusse
Rocketship '59
Out to Pasture
Done Fishin'
102 Degrees in the Shade
Oceanfront Property
102 Degrees in the Shade Kees Chocolates After the Storm
'57 Chevy Pickup
Scrap Metal
West Broadway Water Tower
Fire Truck
Elk River Flood
Shaved Chevy
Water Towers, Spring Street
Poppy Field Tipple Motors Passing Storm
Smith & 9th Street
Brooklyn Cadillac
After the Storm
On Humboldt Bay
Bonnies's 54
Drive By
Jet Black Cadillac
Ice Cold Mercury
Cruisin' - Hell Yeah
Red Hot Buick
Mid Century Modern Too Cool For School John's Jag
Snow Day
Hudson River Ice
Pretty Vacant
Two to Tango
Northwestern Exposure
Detroit Muscle
Back of Beyond
Kees Chocolates
Pulp Mill
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